What is Suunto 7 Still a hardcore fitness watch

Suunto, a Finnish activity brand, has a serious following among hardcore fitness fanatics. With the new Suunto 7 smartwatch, the company is now throwing a well-worn training shoe into the world of the lucrative sports lifestyle. The Suunto 7 is the company’s first smartwatch with Google’s WearOS platform, increasing its appeal. While the design will still entice the brand’s core fans, it is less sporty than some of Suto’s other GPS fitness watches and trackers.

The design
Suunto 7 looks similar to the Suunto 9 released in 2018. It features a glass fiber-reinforced polyamide case, stainless steel bezel and a soft and pliable silicon strap. The case has four buttons, each made from the same stainless steel as the bezel, and they are sufficient for large use even when wearing gloves.

At 50 mm, the watch is large on all wrists. However, at only 70 grams, it is not heavy. It is lighter than the Suunto 9, and slightly heavier than the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 5. The 1.4-inch AMOLED screen with a 454 x 454 pixel resolution is set under a piece of gorilla glass. All of this makes Suto 7 a difficult animal. The watch is shockproof, water resistant up to 50 meters, and will keep the Gorilla Glass screen scratch-free. Suonto is advancing the lifestyle aspect, but don’t worry that the watch has softened, as the Sunto 7 seems very durable.

Is it fashionable? This is the most perfect part for Sunto. It has been manufacturing GPS watches since ages, but none of them are watches that I want to wear daily. Suunto 7 is considered different. When I was not exercising, did I want it on my wrist?

Yes i did My review watch came in a slick white and burgundy color combo, giving it a cool spring breeze. The light weight makes up for the overall shape, but because it is quite thick, it does not easily fit under the shirt sleeve.

It loneliness as a sports watch. Many of Fossil’s fashion brand WearOS watches are slimmer, and at 15.6 mm, the Suto 7 is 5 mm thicker than the Apple Watch Series 5. However, it is not trying to be an alternative to the Michael Kors or Kate Spade watch. It is trying to become more useful and more tasty for everyday wear. I think it succeeds.

Software and usage
This is the first time Suneto has used Google’s WearOS on smartwatches. Previously, it used its own fitness software. The implementation is solid. It is Vroz and Smooth, is rarely said about Viros smartwatches, and does not disappoint under normal use.

Suunto has four buttons on the case for playing, which is unnecessary. The buttons in place of the crown, and the one below, are customizable. By default, they are associated with music playback and a timer respectively. The button above the crown opens Suno’s fitness app, and the button on the opposite side of the case is the menu or back key.

This is a disappointing setup. The menu button is the one you will press the most, yet it is the most awkward and you cannot bring the menu button to the normal position on the crown. Worse, WearOS has no rotating crowns to scroll through multiple menus and screens, and is slightly more comfortable. It’s not a touchscreen or anything.

Otherwise, you operate WearOS as expected. Swipe for notifications, left for Google Fit, right for Google Assistant, and down for Control Panel. There is a small selection of watch faces, most of them Sunsans, in addition to a Suto based heat map running route planner. It shows popular trails nearby and looks calm, provided there is activity nearby. It can also be set to show many other activities.

Some problems common to VEROS can be found here. Notifications are a pain, or more specifically, notification alerts are a pain. The way you can interact with notifications coming from your phone, such as canned replies to messages, the chance to read and respond to emails, and the haste to see information at a glance. But WareOS reminded me again and again of the same information. This will be done until they are dismissed on the phone or the list is cleared on the watch.

I like to run the watch without additional apps, which helps with performance. However, they can be installed through Google Play. Spotify is a popular download, and it works well on WearOS, providing complete control over your music. It is quite fast when connected to watch Wi-Fi, but slows down a little when connected to your phone. It is representative of all apps on iOS – it’s functional, but not surprising.

Suunto’s fitness app is accessed via the button on the top right, and has more than 70 different sports-tracking modes. Some options include walking, running, cycling, swimming, boxing and horse riding. It connects to Google Fit, Strava, and Endomondo, as well as its own GPS and mapping system. The maps show popular and not-so-popular walking, running and hiking routes.

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