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Some regions have adopted the technology in their marketing as well as in the beverage industry and tequila maker Patreon is leading the way.

As Tech Trends highlighted last year, the beverage industry is at the forefront of new technology and is well aware of the opportunities MR and IoT can offer when marketing lifestyle products. One company in particular is leading the way, Patreon, a maker of excellent tequila. They’ve been breaking new ground in beverage marketing for years, so Tech Trends met with their VP of marketing, Adrian Parker, to find out what role technology plays in their company’s strategy.

“Patron prides itself on being a leader in its industry and this includes leveraging digital and mobile marketing.” Adrian explained. “We are proud to work in the tech sector and test new technologies that will enhance the consumer experience.

We now educate our consumers about not only the bottle and the liquid, but the history and authenticity of the brand as well as its versatility The consumer journey is so much more advanced than it was years ago so the modern marketer’s tool kit has really evolved into a plethora of cool, exciting enhancements. Now we’re talking about AR, AI enabled voice technology, virtual reality and more can take advantage of.

In fact, they were among the first drink companies to embrace 360 ​​video and VR with The Art of Patreon Virtual Reality Experience in 2015 and continue to showcase this experience at marketing events today. The experience gives users a “bee’s eye view” of the Hacienda Patron in Jalisco, Mexico and works in VR and modern browsers.

“Given how handcrafted the Patrón tequila-making process is still, this is the biggest marketing asset we have – it’s also at least scalable,” says Adrian. An opportunity for us to bring Mexico to them.”

The VR experience was a massive investment on Patreon’s part. To build it, he hired an airline pilot to fly a drone with six GoPros through Hacienda. Live action sequences were combined with computer animation, and in total, the project took eight months to complete and an onsite-crew of approximately 100 people.

Then, the company had to secure over 200 Samsung Gear VR goggles and 30,000 Google Cardboard kits to be used at events around the world. But because the experience is also available online, Parker says hundreds of thousands of consumers have been able to fly across the Hacienda — making VR a worthy investment in his vision. As we discussed in 2017 mobile AR is the hottest new tool in beverage marketing, so I asked Adrian where does Patreon’s AR vision come from and what are the benefits to brands using this technology?

“When Apple launched AR technology as part of its operating system, it made it accessible to the everyday user and gave us an excellent opportunity to reach consumers in an innovative way like never before. Technology gives us an important platform to use the way real people consume their information. We are able to educate our products in an effective and digestible way that did not exist before this technology. ”

Not content to rest on its laurels, Patreon is working on its ARKit app to include social sharing and a futuristic shopping function. In addition to the educational component of the app to teach users more about the core Patreon line, users will be able to purchase products directly through the app through the US site Reserve Bar.

“The new ARKit update features a new direct purchase capability where users can purchase Patron’s core line of tequilas directly through the app through ReserveBar.com, a first for the technology. Users now have a ‘photo booth’ There’s also ‘On-the-Go’, which has themed frames that can be shared directly on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

Now, users of “The Patreon Experience” ARKit app can also send a virtual holiday card from the app using holiday-themed frames, giving users the ability to have a photobooth on the go. The existing camera function has been enhanced with social media integration and a sharing feature, allowing users to share their images directly on social platforms, or save to their Camera Roll.

Their latest advancement sees Patreon adding a verb to Google Home, allowing users to “ask patrons” and talk to Google Home as they search for cocktail tips and tricks, gift recommendations, tequila facts, and more from the comfort of their own home. There will be a bartender.

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