OTAs begin Lock vs. Bridgewater battle for Denver Broncos

Broncos will have first offseason quarterback battle since 2017 when Siemian beat out Lynch. DENVER — It’s the quarterback competition that few seem to want. Drew Lock vs. Teddy Bridgewater. Are we going to get Aaron Rodgers? Mr. Rodgers, and Broncos fans, will have to wait. The Green Bay Packers have yet to surrender the… Read More »

Skateboarding takes its show to the Olympics

Over 20 years after its wintertime cousin, snowboarding, reluctantly took to the biggest stage in sports, skateboarding is grinding its way into the Olympics. The hotel door opens and, fast as that, the sound of polyurethane clicking across concrete begins. The rhythmic grrrr-chk-chk-grrrr-chk-chk-grrrr-chk-chk sound of wheels scooting over cracks in the sidewalk is a telltale… Read More »