Moving Tape Content to Backblaze Fireball with Canister

If you shoot video on the run and beat up video from multiple sources, then you know that reliably loading files from your camera cart, storage card, or pluggable SSDs can be a logical challenge. All of your source files must be copied, verified, and backed up before you begin the rest of your post-production work. This is arguably the most important step in your post-production workflow.

Knowing how important the move is, videographers and data vendors alike have relied on an app for Mac and Windows, which Hedge has called to take charge of its file copying and verification needs.

With an intuitive drag and drop interface, Hedge makes it easy to select your card, disk, or other sources, identify your destination drive, then use a custom “fast lane” engine to dramatically shift speeds. Copy and verify using. When you have completed copies, and can log back in to multiple destinations in a single action, including your local SAN, NAS, or BackBlaze Fireball, on your BackBlaze B2 cloud storage.

While many people decide to move tape workflows to the cloud for simple economic reasons, storing all of that content securely in the cloud means that individual files and entire folders can be quickly pulled into workflows and copied directly. Backblaze B2 is shared with, without the need to move, restore, or wait.

For more information on how Backblaze B2 can replace LTO solutions, including LTO calculator: Backblaze LTO Replacement Calculator

Whichever scenario meets your requirement, getting tape content in the cloud involves moving a lot of content at once, and in an ideal world it would be easy to drag and drop that content from tape to BackBlaze B2!

Meet canister for fireball

To meet this exact need, the team developing the hedge has designed a “LTO tape content to fireball” solution called Canister for Fireball.

Fireball is a solution to Backblaze that will help you quickly get huge amounts of data in Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. When you sign up for the service, Backblaze sends you a 70TB fireball that is yours to use for 30 days. Just attach it to your local network and copy the content to the device at the speed of your local network.

You are free to fill and send your fireball equipment as needed. When Backblaze receives your Fireball with your files, all content enters directly into Backblaze’s data centers and appears in your Backblaze B2 online storage.

Backblaze B2 Fireball Rapid Ingest Service

The canister for the fireball makes it incredibly easy to transfer your contents and archives from your tape device to your backblaze B2 fireball. With an intuitive interface similar to a hedge, the canister copies and verifies files read from your tape.

LTFS or Linear Tape File System is an industry as a way of providing the contents of an entire tape cartridge as if it were a mere part of the files. Typically, a tape initially stores a list of files or their location on that tape, or the tape’s header.

When a tape is read into your tape device, that directory section is read into the tape system and then presented to you as a volume of files and folders. Say that you want to select an individual file from that LTFS volume to copy to your desktop.

When you move it to your desktop, the tape reads the entire stream of tape containing the file wherever that file is stored, then finally copies it to your desktop. This can actually be a very slow process and why many people choose to store content in CloudBlaze storage such as BackBlaze B2 so that they can get quick access to every file.

Now – put your LTO tape instant plan into action

If you have material on tape that needs to go into your backblaze B2 storage, then the Canister for Fireball and the BackBlaze B2 Fireball are the perfect solutions.

The canister for the fireball can be licensed for 30 days of use for $ 99 and includes priority support. The full version is $ 199. If you decide to upgrade from a 30-day license then you will only pay the difference for the full version.

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