Haven Life Insurance review, advice and comparison

Haven Life insurance 


Haven life insurance provides term life insurance through MassMutual, which is the company that owns Haven life. Firstly, if you don’t, your premium payments until lapse and provide you with but always life insurance that will provide a financial payout to your loved ones in the event of your death.

When haven the life insurance company launched?

Launched in 2015, Haven Life is an insurance company that always offers medically underwritten life insurance coverage online. So Haven Life, here headquartered in New York, always offers its products and services in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

haven life insurance offers two types of term life insurance policies:

  •  Term 1. : So This policy offers U.S. citizens between ages 18 and 64 up to 3 million USD in life insurance, with a 10 to a 30-year term, depending on age.
  •  Term 2.: The max term for applicants between the ages of 18 and 49 is 30 years, and the max term for applicants aged 50 to 65 is 20 years.


Life insurance policies from haven life don’t eligible for discounts; even the haven life plus rider provides policyholders with access to special discounts on policy and services.

Haven Life, reviews, ratings,  customers satisfaction, and complaints


According to research published by J.D. power. Haven life received 3 stars for customer satisfaction. On a scale of one to one 1000 points, the company received a score of 75.


As well as similarly, compared to other life insurance companies and the score is considered to be about average.

customer satisfaction and experience 

MassMutual’s customer experience and satisfaction ratings will most likely reflect expectations of haven life policyholders regarding customer services and satisfaction.

haven life  offers policyholders a variety of riders and benefits:

haven life plus:

  • however, the rider provides policyholders with additional benefits and services such as creating an online, customized will and a free subscription to a health and fitness app.

Accelerated death benefit:

  • As a Policyholder, if you become terminally ill, you can access a portion of their benefits early.

Waiver of premium in haven life insurance policy:

  • Even more, you are not required to pay premiums and if you become completely disabled due to illness or injury while you are disabled as a policyholder.

Reasons why haven life is a great option:

Haven Life is a great decision for anyone who is looking for convenient, affordable life insurance. Online application designed user-friendly, making a simple and quick process. If you choose to move forward and complete the application process, you will be required to answer a series of questions regarding your age, lifestyle, health, and medical history.

Additional policies offered by Haven Life

As Haven Life offers term life insurance, the only options available to customers are Haven Term and Haven Term Simplified.

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What is the best life insurance company?

Our choices for best life insurance companies are MetLife Inc., New York Life Insurance Group, Northwestern Mutual, Prudential Financial Inc., and State Farm. , this is highly dependent on your unique insurance needs and life circumstances. Finding the best life insurance company for you will require comparing rates and coverage by providers.

Is it necessary to take a medical exam to get approval for life insurance with Haven Life?

Your application uses the information you provide in Haven Life to determine not an exam requirement for you to apply for Haven Term. It has determined that you are eligible for coverage, has denied your application, has determined that you wish to cancel your application.

Is there any chance that my interest rate will change during my term?

The insurance company Haven Life guarantees that policyholders’ rates will not change for the duration of their policies’ terms.

Is whole life insurance available from Haven Life?

At this time, so far, Haven Life only offers term life insurance policies.

The process for applying for Haven Life term life insurer

the Haven Life term life insurance application is only available online; applicants will not apply via mail, fax, or email.

Guide to Purchasing Life Insurance

Choosing the same way of life insurance that best suits your needs (term or whole life) should come first before you begin comparing companies. Decide on which life insurance riders, if any, you would like to have included in the policy. Establish your life insurance requirements and the length of time you wish to have the coverage in place. Double-check that the insurers you’re thinking about working with providing the coverage you’re looking for.

haven life insurance pros and cons 


  • meanwhile, There were significantly fewer customer complaints than expected.
  • Some applicants won’t need a medical exam.


  • Term life policies cannot be converted to whole life coverage.

What is the company history?

CEO and co-founder of Haven Life, Yaron Ben-Zvi, started the company in 2014 to improve what he saw as a glaring shortcoming in the insurance buying process. Meanwhile, When he and his wife here expecting their first child, he realized, even more, the need for life insurance. He assumed he could immediately and easily purchase a policy online.

What percentage of the market does Haven Life hold and share?

furthermore, It has only been in the business of selling life insurance policies for the past four years, and they have only been selling in all 50 states for the past two years as well. While As a result, furthermore, they have a negligible market share in the same way as traditional insurers.

In addition, the policies they do again sell are attributed to their parent company, which is the one that issues them whenever, at least in terms of official market share figures.

Furthermore, Could also you tell us about Haven Life’s contribution to the community?

Given that earlier, Haven Life is a relatively new startup; after all, it does not have a just like the level of community recognition as above, moreover established insurers. Most people expect even more larger corporations to have a long track record of charitable giving and corporate social responsibility initiatives, which it does not have.

What are, in addition, programs also offered by Haven Life?

Importantly, so basic life insurance calculator and always help you determine you are subsequent life insurance needs while requesting or once starting an application.

Is Heaven Life tech-focused?

Meanwhile, after all, Haven Life is a tech-focused wherever life insurance company and offers the only equally affordable and even more fully medically underwritten term life insurance policy. After that, you can purchase online and without during a medical exam.

company contacts

60 madison avenue, floor 7, new york, NY 10010 (855-744-2836)

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