Healthy High-Tech Fuel For Your New Year’s Resolutions

we’ve all been there. As the long winter months progress, returning home after another long journey between cold and rain. You turn the news on, and straight off it, because Brexit still isn’t a nightmare. It’s always so tempting to dial in for that takeaway or reach for comfort food, but it’s only January and you’re working hard to be good.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger will tell you, there’s no magic bullet to staying fit, but there are some things that can help you stay on the right track. One of those things is not being hungry when making food decisions, and that’s where drinks like Soylent come in handy. It’s a ready-to-drink high-protein blend specially designed to give you the nutrients you need, while avoiding those pesky cravings.

I especially like this one because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so you can keep an emergency bottle in your bag or car for whenever you need it. I took it with me on a huge road trip a while back and was great with nothing else to eat, plus it’s available in a coffee blend that helped keep me alert without having to resort to energy drinks, including Most of all I can’t stand. As a bonus, it’s also a really eco-friendly product.

“Soylent has been developed with the planet in mind. A vegan and nut-free beverage, it uses plant-based proteins to ensure that less water is used and processes source proteins from livestock.

Produces less CO2 in comparison. Innovative beverage design also minimizes food waste – with a longer shelf life of one year from manufacture and no need for refrigeration until opened, Soylent stays fresh and tastes great for longer able to take,” explained Andrew Thomas, VP of Brand Marketing for Soylent.

Now Soylent has announced a partnership with the Endpoint team, supporting them in their campaign to become the first UK Esports League team to reach the global top 30.

Just a few days ago, the team participated in the ESL CS:GO Premiership Winter Finals, the longest-running professional CS:GO league they have dominated for the past two years, leading the top teams in the Counterstrike tournament. .

“Soylent was developed to help people avoid food shortages, which is our way of describing situations in which you make silly food decisions you’ll probably regret.

Food voids are generally a healthy meal.” are born with a lack of time to find, so it was a natural fit for us to help fuel Endpoint’s success with our ready-to-drink meals that contained the nutrition they needed during training and competition. It is,” says Thomas. “Endpoint Team is on the verge of becoming one of the most successful esports teams in the UK, so this partnership was a no-brainer.”

Research by Soylent in the UK showed that almost a quarter of gamers skip a meal every day, especially when in the heat of (an online) battle or in the middle of an epic quest.

Endpoint currently has a gaming house in the north of England that they use as a boot camping facility, and last year Soylent promoted an Endpoint boot camp that took place 10 days before the Insomnia Gaming Tournament 2018 in which The team was the champion.

Soylent was originally developed in Silicon Valley and continues to be stocked by Walmart, 7-11, Kroger and other retail giants in the U.S. Is doing really well in the U.S. (in January it was the top grocery product on You can now also order Soylent in the UK via Amazon for a price of £39.00 for a case of 12 bottles (£3.25 per bottle).

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